E-Learning Modules and Webinars (cell culture and biology)

On this page we continously collect links to interesting e-learning modules, webinars and seminars concerning cell culture,, contamination, cross contamination and other relevant biology material.The list contains mostly Links to webinars in English but some are in German. Webinars are recorded scientific presentations that now can be viewed from the archives of the respective source.

Sourse Content / Topic Link
ATCC The american cell bank ATTC frequently offers good webinars on cell culture and related topics such as contaminationscross contaminationshTert cells or iPS cells. Webinare
Corning Corning probably has the largest collection of cell culture webinars. Many topics like routine cell culture methods, contamination, cross contamination, disinfection, media and trouble shooting are oggered as support material for Corning products. The videos of the webinars run on the Brighttalk platform.You have to register and then, you can search the archive for topics. Webinare
Greiner BioOne Greiner also offers webinars to support their products. Accordingly you can find webinars concerning cell culture, cell culture plastic ware and high throughput screening.Unfortunately, there is no searchbale archive. Greiner Webinare
The Scientist Single webinar concerning cross contamination and misidentification of cell lines. The Scientist
PharmaIQ Webinare, Podcasts and Videos concerning GMPtopics can be foung on Pharma IQ under media. PharmaIQ
Wiley VCH Online e-learning with the title "Training in Genetic Epidemiology" WileyVCH e-learning
Reinnervate 3D cell culture models in webinars featuring Reinnervate products. Reinnervate


Full e-learning courses of universities and others (MOOC)

Online learning in so-calles e-learnigs or massive open online courses (MOOC) becomes more and more popular. Many universities therefore have started to upload lecture videos or to procuce courses especially for an online audience. In most cases you have to register for the courses but they are offered free of charge.Some of these courses give out certificats of participation.

Source Topics / Content Link  
Jacobs University and InCelligence

This is a complete MOOC named DNA- from structure to therapy. It was first offered in spring 2014 and will hopefully run annually from now on. Language is English but easy to follow by non-native speakers. Topics include: fascination DNA, structure, chemical bonds, mitosis, inheritance, replication, cancer, PCR, diagnostic use, genetic diseases, how does a genetic fingerprint work and why is sun bathing not so great for our DNA. Models, images and animations are used to explain everything in such a way that you can follow on the basis of high school biology and chestry knowledge.Additinal material and quizzes are found on the InCelligence MOOC page.

Coursera At present the largest most well-founded e-learning platform. Offers courses in many areas like mathematics, computer schience etc. but also some biology, chemistry or medical courses. Coursera
Harvard und MIT The second largest e-learning platform. They offer some biology and helth care courses among their collection of mostly mathematics, computer science and programming. Edxonline
Stanford Courses mainly from the areas of mathematics, computer science and programming. Udacity


Single Videos

Sourse Content / topic Link  
Hamamatsu Great videos concerning live cell imaging with fluorescently-labelled proteins. Hamamatsu
InCelligence Demonstartion of a Mycoplasmen-PCR using the PromoKine IC kit. DNA MOOC page
Sigma Demonstartion of a Mycoplasmen-PCR using the Sigma kit. LookOut®
Marcuslab Nice video of cellular migration recorded during a wound healing experiment. Wound healing
BBC learning BBC Horizon: Trial And Error, The Rise And Fall Of Gene Therapy (1 of 4) Gene therapy
Prof. Chris Bishop Chemical Curiosity: MUST-SEE prize winning chemistry demonstartion lecture about chemical reactions with pH-indicators, dry ice, change of aggregation states, light emmiting reactions etc. Chemical Curiosity
Prof. Chris Bishop The Science of Fireworks: Explosive chemistry demonstartion. Science of Fireworks
Discovery Institute Journey inside the Cell: Nice animation on Transciption, Transport and Translation. Journey


PromoCell e-learning: Dendritic cell DXF Medium

This is one of the e-learnigs we have produced for PromoCell GmbH a supplier of human primary cells, media and reagents. In this cell culture product-spefic video the use of PromoCell's DXF medium for the generation of dendritic cells is shown and explained in detailed experimental steps. The video is spoken very slowly and clearly to make it easily understandable for customers with limited English vocabulary.

Language: Englisch

This e-learning contains a detailes experimantal protocol for the generation of purified, differentiated dendritic cells from freshly isoltaed human mononuclear cells or purified monocytes. Das Medium ist ein Medium, das frei von tierischen Komponenten ist: DC Generation Medium DXF.

start e-learning...

e-learning moDC DXF


3D Biomatrix Hanging drop plates - How to e-learning

Hanging drops are a method to generate cell sheroids and embryonic bodies. 3D Biomatrix is a company that has developed a specif chamber system to allow for much easier generation of spheroids. How to use this chamber system is shown in the  e-learning.


Sphäroide HeLa


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