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On this page, we have listed links to videos and movies that we think are interesting, educational or even must-see videos. They concern topics like cell culture, vaccination, genetics, biology, chemistry, virology, ethics, physics etc.

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Adam Curtis' "The Way of all Flesh"
(Langugae: Englisch, ca. 50min)
This is a MUST-SEE documantation of the BBC journalist Adam Curtis about HeLa cells, the development of cell culturethe first cancer program is the US and the hugest scientific desaster in cell culture so far - the cell line cross contamination problem. This is a very well diercted movie. It is very suspenseful and highly educational at the same time. It contains interviews with several highly reknown scientists such as Leonard Hayflich and Walter Nelson-Reese that have been involved in the story between 1951 and the late 1970s.

Also look at the book "The immortal life of Henrietta Lacks" on our books page.


The Way of all Flesh

BBC learning BBC Horizon:
Trial And Error, The Rise And Fall Of Gene Therapy (1 of 4; ca. 45min for all 4 chapters)
This is the link to the first of 4 parts of a documentary on the gene therapy study performed in 1999 by Dr. Jim Wilson (Univ. Pennsylvenia) for OTC-Deficiency. During the course of this study the first patient died from gene therapy. The movie is a little populistic and features the topic and medicine only from one angle but still on the basis of this one case, it summarizes one general problem in medicine: hybris.

DNA molecule

Gene therapy

"Origin of Aids: The Polio Vaccine" ?
Here again, a hot topic is covered in a documentary. Choose for yourself if you believe or doubt the consipracy theories. The story is based on a theory first published in the Rolling Stone Magazine in 1991 by Jim Curtis. His article stated - in contrast to the current scientific hypothesis - that the transmission of the HIV ancestor SIV (simian immunodeficiency virus) to humans was NOT based on the african practise to eat chimpanzees but that the transmission was brought about by contaminated Polio-Vaccine which - at that time - was procuced in monkey cells, Curtis as a non-biologist was discredited and almost eaten alive by the scientific community after this publication as only green monkey cells where used for the production and not chimpanzee cells. Later however, Edward Hamilton, a famous evolutionary biologist, supported this theory and several scientific discussion on the topic took place. If this theory holds true - and it has now been shown that in contrast to the statements chimpanzee cells were indeed used in the beginning - then, the consequence would be that the first scientist to produce the polio vaccine (Hilary Koprowski) would be responsible for the development and global distribution of HIV. By 2014, 100 Millionen patients have dies from AIDS. Dr. Kopowski himself dies in April 2013 without stating anything different then that he never used chimpanzee cells even though fotos of his chimpanzee facility have been published.


The origin of Aids

CanaryParty Due to the large increase in vaccination especially in the US, the topic vaccination is hotly debated in the internet, on conferences and on social media platforms. While the PROs list the reduction or eradication of several diseases, the CONs list a growing number of side effects that might arise from over vaccination. This is a video of the Canary Party in which parents describe what "side effects" meant in the case of their children. Stron allergic reactions, autism and death are among the consequences and due to sometimes direct establishment of these effects after a vaccination there is increasing "evidence" that vaccination should be reevaluated and maybe early (postnatal and early childhood) vaccination (49 shots of 14 vaccines until the age of 6) should be more restricted and limited to the justified vaccinations.

Vaccine causing disease

49 vaccines in 6 years = normal

Prof. Chris Bishop Chemical Curiosity: MUST-SEE prize winning chemistry demonstartion lecture about chemical reactions with pH-indicators, dry ice, change of aggregation states, light emmiting reactions etc.

Chemical Curiosity

Prof. Chris Bishop The Science of Fireworks: Explosive chemistry demonstartion. Science of Fireworks


Statements and Interviews at the end of life oder post mortem

Everything has two sides - good and bad - and the same holds true for science. The last 200 years have brought about huge developments in science and medicine but also in respect of industrial profit from research. So it might not be so surprizing that more and more stories about the bad sides of science emerge. Some of the old guys maybe driven by their concience publish or state facts from their past career shortly before they die or after ending their pharmaceutical careers. Some of these statements are rather shocking, but to learn from mistakes is a central dogma in quality management. So maybe such statements support the development of safer science and medicine.

Source Content Link Interview with Dr. Maurice Hilleman who used to work for Merck Vaccine Division. He talks about the "crude science" that was the basis of the development of the first vaccine production. Viruses in cell cultures were - he states - a large problem in these times but there was not much one could do about it except to keep quite. SV40, Leukämieviren, HIV were known to be contaminants.


Viruses in Vaccines

Adam Abraham

Adam and "GM" examine the events that led up to the introduction of the HeLa cell, along with its nature. Also, the work of Edward Jenner, Charles Creighton, Jonas Salk, Walter Nelson-Rees, Maurice Hilleman, and others, are explored.

Video from MG and Adam Abraham in which they talk about the history of Eduard Jenner, who was attributed as "the father of vaccination" and his opponent Charles Creighton. They mention many different sources of information and they discuss their value. Most interestingly, they document that Jenner never held a PhD or MD until he received "an honorary degree". Probably he was the first one to use mercury in vaccines. However, he did not use it as an adjuvans but to cope with the Treponema pallidum contamination causing Syphilis. Charles Creighton in his time wrote some very critical articles about Jenner and his vaccination due which he was scientifically discredited.

Eduard Jenner disclosure

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