Literature on Mycoplasma contaminations in cell culture

Mycoplasmas are the meanest micorbiological contaminations in cell culture we know. Why ? Because we can't see them in the light microscope, they don't kill cells fast enough for us to easily realize, they are present in some cell lines for decades already and last because we carry them into the cell culture labe every day! 

The most horrible thing about microsplasma however, is the fact that they easily manage to convince us that only other people have mycoplasma problems, allowing us to continously ignore them! Recent inquries in cell culture labs have shown that only about 30% of users in cell culture tests for mycoplasma contaminations and even less test regularly.

That this is definitely no good idea is shown in our continously growing collection of papers adressing mycoplasma contamination in cell culture below.

Zellkultur mit Mycoplasmen-Kontamination


Mycoplasma: Effects on cell cultures

Mycoplasma contamination of cell cultures: Incidence, sources, effects, detection, elimination, prevention.

Drexler HG, Uphoff CC.: Cytotechnology 2002 Jul;39(2):75-90.

  • mycoplasmas together with cross-contamination are the two major problems in cell culture
  • there is a link in incidence of cross-contamination and mycoplasma infection - aseptic technique
  • studies show an average of 15-35% of contaminated cultures but some up to 80%


Mycoplasmen eradication and treatment

Eradication of mycoplasma contaminations.

Uphoff CC, Drexler HG.: Methods Mol Biol 2013;946:15-26.

Treatment of mycoplasma contamination in cell cultures with Plasmocin.

Uphoff CC, Denkmann SA, Drexler HG.: J Biomed Biotechnol., 2012:267678.

Elimination of mycoplasmas from infected cell lines using antibiotics.

Uphoff CC, Drexler HG.: Methods Mol Biol.

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